Saturday, December 7, 2013

FHA 203K Loan - Getting an FHA Construction Loan
With the current doom and gloom that is all around, most especially plaguing the housing and mortgage market, getting a new loan or mortgage is a lot more difficult. One of the most difficult loans to obtain nowadays is a home improvement and construction loan. But borrowers need not worry because the currently popular FHA loan has a FHA construction loan that you could get for your home improvement requirements.

They call this FHA construction loan as the 203(k) streamline program. This loan can be used to buy a fully furnished or refurbished house or make certain major repairs and upgrades to their home. But it is not limited to that because it can even be used to refinance a current mortgage.

One good thing about this loan is that it is not re-qualified because it has only one underwritten time which is upfront. There is also no minimum amount required for home improvement, repair or upgrade but they have set a maximum limit which averages for most states at around $35,000.

The 203(k) streamline program gives you two good options for interests: fixed and adjustable rates. You don't need even to worry if it would be too high because it would also just be the same like obtaining any standard FHA home loan.

On purchase of a fully furnished or refurbished house, the evaluation is finalized as "subject to" which means that it would be after the repairs or improvements are done. As for refinancing mortgages, two appraisals are needed. The first one would show what would be the current value of the property and the second one would indicate the value after all the payments have been done (including the interest payments).read more>>>

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